Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together our most FAQs to make the process easy for you. While these FAQ’s serve as a guide, always check with your New Homes Consultant for specific answers relating to your build.

Bluewood Homes have been around since 2004 and have already built many beautiful homes. Our aim is to be here for the foreseeable future and hope we can continue to build many more beautiful homes moving forward including yours.

We are located on the northern end of the Gold Coast and currently build new homes in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and surrounds.

Bluewood Homes holds all the relevant licences as required by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

Bluewood Homes are proud members of the Master Builders Queensland (MBQLD). This means we are provided with industry news updates and publications, advice on frequently changing local and state government building regulations, training and professional development as well as legal and technical support. This assists us in delivering high quality service across all areas of our operations. Click here to find out more.

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding which home is best for you. Here at Bluewood Homes have the expertise to guide you in the right direction.

We offer three (3) unique home design categories for you to choose from:

  1. Our Plans.
  2. Custom Home Designs.
  3. Built to Requirement™.

What does each home design category provide you:

  • Our Plans: offering the latest home design trends & inclusions all priced ready-to-build.
  • Custom Home Designs: offering a range of ready-to-build custom floor plans.
  • Built To Requirement™: offering the option to design your new home build from scratch.

We also provide a Home Selection Guide highlighting for you:

  • All the benefits available within each respective home design category.
  • Options that are unique, compatible, flexible, accommodating, adaptable to your own circumstances and your land.
  • Alternate pathways that can be tailored to meet your own personal home build budget, specific needs and requirements.
  • Opportunities to explore infinite floor plan ideas, home build designs & inclusions.

If you have a block of land simply provide the land details to our New Homes Consultant. Our New Homes Consultant will then consider your build budget and provide you with a range of home design solutions that will most likely fit on your block of land.

The exact time frame prior to construction will vary depending on other factors such as home design approvals, formal building agreements, council approvals, covenant approvals. Once lodged the building approvals usually take up to 4 weeks to obtain. Actual construction time frame after all approvals, remainder of deposit and colour selections are received is between 16-24 weeks depending on the size of the home ie single storey vs double storey.

No, you don’t have to sign a building agreement. A preliminary agreement is a separate contract signed by you and your New Homes Consultant to carry out all agreed preliminary works. The type of work is usually defined on the agreement and can include items such as soil tests, plan drawing preparation, engineering, foundation design and a site survey.

You can begin choosing all your product and colour selections as soon as you have signed off on your final plan drawings with us. These selections will be undertaken with our nominated colour consultant at a suitable meeting time with you.

Once the home design is finalised, covenant approvals are in place, colour and product selections are signed off and you have reviewed the final building estimate/quote and are happy to proceed to formal building agreements. The builder will then prepare the necessary and arrange for you to meet with our nominated New Home Consultant to sign the formal building agreement.

As soon as we receive the signed building agreements from you and are in receipt of the balance of the 5% deposit.

Construction can commence as soon as we receive the following documentation:

  • Building and plumbing approvals
  • If financed then a formal letter from your nominated lender verifying that construction finance is approved and construction may proceed.
  • If self funded then owner allocated funds to be deposited into a nominated security account with the Master Builders Queensland.
  • Any other outstanding contractual documentation is completed.

After all the above is satisfied we will then arrange with the nominated supervisor to commence construction within ten (10) working days.

Yes you can make changes during construction subject to our review and/or recommendations. Pending the nature and complexity of the change, there may be an administration fee as well as the extra over cost of the item/s including any associated labour. These changes are called variations to the contract. Any applicable costs reductions can also be credited back to you less our builders margin pending what the change is. Our nominated office administrator will guide you through the process of making any changes during construction.

You will receive regular updates from your client liaison officer. There will be various stages of the build where you will be met on site with your Construction Supervisor so you can see the progress of your build.

Unfortunately we can’t give you keys to your new home prior to completion of construction due to builders liability, insurance requirements, health and safety regulations. Suitable access times to view your home during construction is only possible while in attendance with our nominated Construction Supervisor.

Practical completion is the point where all building work is completed or is reasonably fit for occupation, in accordance with the building agreement. Some minor ommissions or defects may occur at practical completion so you have an opportunity to inspect your home with our nominated Construction Supervisor to document all of these. It is important to realize that practical completion and handover do not necessarily occur at the same time. Handover only occurs after the final building inspection is completed, we are in receipt of the relevant occupation certificate and final payment is recieved from you or your nominated lender.

Our nominated client liaison officer will be your primary point of contact after handover. If you have any questions relating to the completion of your home, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at any time!

We offer you a six (6) month maintenance period from date of handover. A maintenance sheet will be forwarded to you at 6 months to note any maintenance items you may have. Once this document has been completed, our nominated Maintenance Coordinator will be in contact to review and/or rectify any issues. At handover, you will also be provided with a Maintenance Manual which will assist you in keeping your home in the best possible condition.

We provide a mandatory six (6) year six (6) month structural defect warranty period as regulated by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.