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Intellectual property policy

Bluewood Homes invests significant time, effort and money into our intellectual property. Accordingly, we take our intellectual property rights very seriously. But it is not only our investment that we are trying to protect. It is also the investment that our paying customers make when they choose to design and build a Bluewood home. We believe that design is important – it is valuable and it deserves to be protected. We will always protect our rights and that of our paying customers in ensuring that others don’t improperly use property that is not theirs.

As a matter of law, all plans, designs, illustrations, photos, images or other similar material produced or acquired by new home builders Bluewood Homes, whether in printed form or represented in actual homes are owned by Bluewood Homes. It is a breach of Bluewood Homes copyright for anyone to use these, whether in whole or in part, unless expressly authorised by Bluewood Homes. The most common way we authorise people to use our intellectual property is through signing a building contract with Bluewood Homes. In the event that we detect or are informed of any breach of Bluewood Homes intellectual property rights, we will pursue legal avenues to protect Bluewood Homes and its customers. We have enforced these rights on a number of occasions and the remedy awarded can be for damages to be paid and these sums can be substantial.

If you would like further information on our policy, please contact goldcoast@bluewoodhomes.com.au and a Bluewood homes representative will contact you. Should you believe new home builders Bluewood Homes rights have been infringed, we also encourage you to advise us. Should we successfully pursue the matter, there is a $1000 reward.

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