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Bluewood Homes as a custom home builder is passionate about great design, great service and their power to create homes that live well every day. From thoughtful standard designs to custom homes uniquely designed for individual homesites, the Bluewood Homes team since 2004 offers a combined architectural design and building experience to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind home every time.

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Your custom home builder

We provide all our customers with the option of a truly comprehensive design-build expertise for site planning, architectural design and more!

Each of our floor plan designs & home builds are uniquely inspired to provide the best possible living experience – carefully planned, keeping to budget, thoughtfully featured and beautifully finished, down to the last detail.

Building a Gold Coast home with a custom home builder is different than working with a volume builder. The process can be a bit more complicated but incredibly rewarding. By deciding to go with a custom home builder, you have the potential to create a home that delivers everything you need. The building process can be a personal experience but here are a few things to understand when planning to build a custom home.

Our business model is focused mainly on offering enhanced customer communication, exceptional service, experienced skill levels and above all, offering our customers what they truly deserve from their new home.

We believe you are making the right choice in allowing Bluewood Homes as a custom home builder an opportunity in providing you with more information to build your new home on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We value your enquiry and will ensure you are our priority.

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