Free Home Design & Walkthrough

Bluewood Homes are new home builders offering our clients a complimentary design &/or walkthrough service.

Are you looking for new home builders offering great home designs or perhaps you may be searching for your own unique home design ideas but don’t want to pay exorbitant professional fees for an architect or draftsperson that may or may not fully understand your new home build budget.

As new home builders our services extend beyond building beautiful, affordable custom homes, and as your recommended builders we provide the option of allowing you to schedule in a complimentary custom home design request with one of our friendly sales design consultants to discuss your preliminary building design ideas and build budget.

We understand that time and money are extremely limited commodities for us all; so how do we help you get back more time and at less cost;

  • We come to you to discuss your home design ideas, needs and budget requirements upfront and then map out your own personalized pathway to your new home and build.
  • Bricks and mortar display homes most certainly incur ongoing upkeep costs; so who pays, generally the client does!
  • We eliminate bricks and mortar display homes and make way for virtual display homes in this digital era as they don’t require upkeep; can be viewed at your own leisure at a fraction of your time and our cost.
  • We keep it real as most customers viewing display homes can’t afford the “As Displayed Price” and economically not a viable option when looking for a positive return on your new home investment.
  • Allow you to make difficult decisions fast as we offer you an opportunity to view recently completed home builds and not just ours but our clients homes, providing you with real insight on unbiased legitimate costs, feedback and understanding.

So now you may also want to book in a new custom home build walkthrough with one of our friendly sales design consultants to guide you through one of our recently completed custom home builds where we can provide you with as much information and answer as many questions you may have.

Your New Home Builders Bluewood Homes

We are your new home builders offering such great value even before we start your new home build, so you can feel confident dealing with Bluewood Homes!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Gold Coast Builders Bluewood Homes discussing floor plans with client.