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Custom home builders in Gold Coast Bluewood Homes is passionate about great design, great service and their power to create homes that live well every day. From thoughtful standard designs to custom homes uniquely designed for individual homesites, the Bluewood Homes team are builders on the Gold Coast since 2004 offering a combined architectural design and building experience to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind home to our customers every time.

More than just your average Custom Home Builders in Gold Coast, Bluewood Homes provide all our customers with the option of a truly comprehensive design-build expertise for site planning, architectural design and more!

Each of our floor plan designs & home builds are uniquely inspired to provide the best possible living experience – carefully planned, keeping to budget, thoughtfully featured and beautifully finished, down to the last detail.

Builders in Gold Coast looking at plans and house frame

Here is an excerpt from the Gold Coast Bulletin care of Bluewood Homes Builders in Gold Coast discussing how to choose the right custom home builders in Gold Coast:

CHOOSING the right custom home builders in Gold Coast can be one of the most difficult decisions to make for someone wanting to build a new home.
Bluewood Homes Gold Coast (QBCC 1118245) as custom home builders in Gold Coast we always aim to present any advice or recommendations to our customers accurately, efficiently and honestly the first time around.
Mr Linington’s experience within the building industry included projects in Australia and overseas. These days there were many more challenges in the industry for land owners wanting to build. Some custom home builders in Gold Coast become complacent as work was always so readily available, and unfortunately their business models aren’t adapted to suit the more demanding customer satisfaction that is required today,”. As custom home builders in Gold Coast we learned from the mistakes of others and continued to implement a strategy that benefited the customer and builder. It is our constant aim to improve our building skill, customer service and value through well thought-out systems and processes in a way that will deliver a product more efficiently, economically and accurately to our customers,” he said. “We are continually looking to improve our business model with the intent of being here well into the future.

As builders in Gold Coast implementing these can only add further value to the building industry and our customers alike.

Here is an excerpt from the Gold Coast Bulletin care of Bluewood Homes builders in Gold Coast discussing different types of home buyers:

NOT all buyers are looking for the same thing from their custom home builders in Gold Coast. Bluewood Homes Gold Coast (QBCC1118245), caters to a varied market from the investor
and first homebuyer to more experienced homeowners. Investors are looking for delivery on promise, including long-term relationships. For first homebuyers we provide designs that meet a budget, including providing confidence and assurance. Third and fourth homebuyers look to their builder for delivery on their expectations, as well as experience and versatility. Prospective clients at Bluewood Homes Gold Coast could feel confident in what the company offered. We build exceptional and distinguished homes with emphasis on honesty, trust, direct communication, client education and a smooth, simple quotation process. As builders in Gold Coast Bluewood Homes has the ability to change and modify designs, meeting the client’s needs and budget, including ongoing and improved quality control.

Here is an excerpt Gold Coast Bulletin care of Bluewood Homes in Gold Coast warns there are 5 steps before moving house:

MANY prospective new homebuyers are unsure of how to start their project. Bluewood Homes Gold Coast (QBCC 1118245) warns there five steps that should be followed before moving on from the dream house to the real house. “Building a new home begins long before the foundation is poured,”. “To avoid costly mistakes during the construction process you need to work out how much you can afford and how much your new home is likely to cost. “Chances are you will need a construction loan plus a mortgage so knowing the approximate costs will help you modify your building plans to meet your budget. “Before you select floor plans or other details, you have to choose your location and investigate factors such as soil condition, drainage, zoning and building codes in the region. “Who builds your house is then an important decision or you may decide to hire an architect or designer before going ahead. “Whether you opt for a builder’s standard plan or your own custom design, you will be wise to choose a plan that will meet your needs for many years to come.” A building contract then needs to be negotiated for signing and dating by the custom home builders and the architect. This will describe the project in detail and include a list of all the items to be included in the house. “Remember to amend the contract if you or your team make any changes to the project later on,”.

Many builders in Gold Coast have developed a selling strategy by bundling upgrade packages where the customer is misled into believing that they are getting more value for less money paid. For example some builders in Gold Coast will offer $20 000.00 in upgrades for only $1000.00. This is a form of baiting to lure the customer away from other builders that may infact offer better value for less money.

As builders in Gold Coast we also provide numerous other services ranging from knockdown rebuild, floor plan design proposals, home build budget reviews and general good advice to all areas of the Gold Coast including Pimpama, Coomera, Upper Coomera, Maudsland, Oxenford, Hope Island, Runaway Bay, Arundel, Benowa, Robina, Reedy Creek, Nerang and all other areas within the Gold Coast.