Valuable Advice on Your New Home Build

11th May 2023

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New home builders kitchen layoutNew home builders Bluewood Homes offer advice for your new home build!

Building your own new home can be an extremely challenging and overwhelming experience. As your new home builders in Gold Coast & Brisbane we provide answers to difficult questions that home owners dont like asking, such as how do new home builders obtain costings, is dealing with new home builders during the process easy and how to save money on my new home build – So lets ensure your new home build expectations are met so you can build your new dream home with confidence.

So how do most new home builders come up with their price?

A new home builders cost of labour and materials, coupled with the overheads of running the business determines the price – in theory. The greater the new home builders overhead is then its very likely that in order to recoup costs that your final quoted price prior to entering a contract may be higher than you first thought. Competition vs supply and demand in the market place fluctuates all the time and may filter through in new home builders prices not always cheaper either. Other factors affecting price is effort and time to likely expend with a client including time frame to reach a formal building agreement. The logic is the simpler the process then the cheaper the price.

How much does a new build cost?

The house cost is dependant on many variables, these will include land constraints, what size home you are after and at what level you require your inclusions. Generally most project new home builders provide a base price with set inclusions. The cost rises depending on your required specification levels including the size and type of home you select. There is really no ‘one size fits all’ approach to costing though. As your new home builders your quote starts down low with us. No bundled turnkey packages with confusing upgrade costs, just clear itemized pricing built up to meet your budget. How simple!

What are some easy ways for clients to keep costs down?

Some easy ways to keep costs down would include:

  • Negotiate and purchase your own land prior to considering your new home builders as opposed to a House and Land package. Any new home builders offering turnkey packages mask costs and thus carry a premium price for saving you the time and hassle but it’s far simpler than you think!
  • Choosing conventional fixtures and fittings can keep a lid on costs.
  • Stick to your home plan design (once it’s set in stone). Making amendments will cost you, and will also prolong the process as approvals will need to be run through council and developers, again. Rule of thumb: decide before you sign.
  • Most important advice is to do stuff yourself! Undertaking your main floor coverings, retaining walls, fencing, gates, driveway, swimming pools and landscaping outside of the building agreement will save you thousands of dollars. BEWARE – Most new home builders make big profit margins when offering you bundled turnkey deals and specials.
  • Ask your preferred new home builders in Gold Coast & Brisbane to break down all itemized pricing for you including any no cost or discounted bundled turnkey packages added into your build quote. You may be very suprised that most new home builders arent willing to disclose all comprehensive costings to you.

What’s the most expensive type of new home build?

Custom homes and architectural designed homes are always going to cost you more. This is due to the time and relevant players involved, consider that one-off pricing can also never match volume pricing. You must also consider that typically selected, top-of-range fixtures and fittings can add quickly to your build cost, too.

Young family enjoying their newly built home on the Gold Coast - thank you to their new home builders Bluewood Homes Gold Coast

Who else should a client have in their project team besides new home builders?

At the beginning of your home building process, you would be engaging with a Solicitor or Conveyancer to ensure your land contracts are legally looked over and all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. Pre-build, a lot of clients engage with flooring specialists to choose their floor style (tiles, floor boards or carpet) and set off their colour scheme planning. After we’ve handed over the keys, most of our clients will engage with fencing specialists, concreters for the driveway (if they choose to do this themselves) and landscapers to finalise their garden and grass areas.

Who does the client deal with during the build process?

In most cases, clients will have a dedicated customer service officer who will filter enquiries through to the team. The client is allocated their customer service officer after they’ve transitioned from the sales office team. The client will also deal with the supervisor during the construction phase at their relevant scheduled building inspection times and meetings.

What warranties does the client get?

All new home builds in Queensland are covered by Statutory Warranty. Twelve Months for defects and Six years and Six Months for the structural defects. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) produces a guide as to what constitutes a defect.

Why build with new home builders Bluewood Homes?

There are many new home builders in Gold Coast & Brisbane. Some are good and others can do better in terms of providing personal service and delivering a quality home on time. The Bluewood Homes team have worked very hard on our business model, making sure that our clients look back at their building experience knowing that they have made the right choice.

What do new home builders Bluewood Homes offer?

  • We are flexible and affordable new home builders servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane.
  • We build a range of different developments from single and double storey family homes to investor units and duplex’s.
  • We have an extensive range of standard plans, but can easily design a home to suit your block and specific requirements.
  • As new home builders we also understand that every block is different and can offer design solutions for every situation.
  • We also can aquire tailored House and Land Packages to suit every budget.