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Happy family looking at their new home build


Knockdown Rebuild - what to expect

Are you considering knockdown rebuild because you might love where you live? Read More

New home builders kitchen layout


Valuable Advice on Your New Home Build

Building your own new home can be an extremely challenging and overwhelming experience. As your new home builders we provide answers to difficult questions that home owners dont like asking.... Read More

Builder Gold Coast - 13 mistakes people make when building their new home!


13 Mistakes People Make When Building a New Home

Building a new home can be a complex process and there are many ways that buyers can get caught out. Here are 13 important lessons that will save you money and stress. Read More

Gold Coast Builder discussing floor plans with client.


Understanding The Process Of Working With A Custom Builder

Building a home with a custom builder is different than working with a volume builder. The process can be a bit more complicated but incredibly rewarding. By deciding to go with a custom builder, you have the potential to create a home that delivers everything you need. Read More

Home Builders Coomera delivering a sloping block home design proposal


Building on Sloping Blocks

Bluewood Homes have designed and built many homes on sloping blocks, remember experience is necessary and communication is vital in ensuring your new home build achieves your expectations. Read More